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How to Test a 10G Ethernet Optical Fiber
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Newer Internet connections --- where a fiber optic cable is fed directly to the home and each room in the home has an ethernet jack (as opposed to the use of an actual modem and router in the home) --- use 10G fiber optic cable to deliver high-speed data transfer to every ethernet connection in the house. If you have Internet service that uses 10G fiber cable and you need to test your connectivity, you can do using a few simple procedures.


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      Verify the ethernet connection is sending valid IP information by verifying the IP address on the computer. Open the "Start" menu and click "Run." Type "CMD" in the Run dialog box followed by the "Enter" key and you will see a black and white DOS prompt with a blinking cursor. Type "ipconfig" and press "Enter." Look for a number listed next to "IP address." If the numbers begin with "192," "169" or are all zeros, there might be a problem with your Internet service and you will need to contact your Internet-service provider for further assistance. If the computer is getting a valid IP address, you can move on to the next test of your ethernet connection.

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      Navigate to several Web pages to test connectivity. Make sure to route to pages that you do not often visit and that are not saved in your favorites; sometimes Internet browsers store temporary versions of pages you often visit so that they display the temporary pages even though the computer might not have a valid Internet connection. If you are able to browse multiple websites with no errors, the final step is to test the speed of the connection.

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      Run several speed tests using a free online service . As the name suggests, 10G fiber connections can transfer data at a rate of 10 GB/sec. Depending on your particular Internet service, the actual speeds that your ISP guarantees might not be anywhere near 10 GB/sec. Contact your ISP's technical support department first to see what speeds are guaranteed as part of your monthly Internet service and compare those to the speed test results to determine whether you are getting everything for which you are paying. Report any connection speed slowdowns to your ISP.

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